Interpreting meaning of Planets in Asthakvarga Predictions

Effect of each planet on Astrology in your Birth & Transit chart.

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The 12 Houses of your Kundli - Roadmap of your past, present and future

The Houses “Govern” all the events of our lives. There are two main factors that control each person's life. 1. Past Karmas. Based on this Past Karmas, our time of birth is decided & the position of Planets at time of our Birth becomes the Blueprint. This is called static definition of our lives which are meant to happen based on our past karma. 2. Present Karmas. Based on Karmas we perform irrespective of any situation, we have the ability to change our destiny. This is a dynamic definition that we can create. However, this requires a very positive spirit & high discipline.

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Astrological remedies for issues related to child birth

Train your Sub-conscious mind. Bal Gopal is the childhood form of Lord Krishna. Conducting Santan Gopal Puja and Yagna removes the negative effects of planets in a horoscope to overcome pregnancy problems. This puja bestow pregnant woman to minimize the risks while giving birth to a child. The lady who performs Santan Gopal Puja experience powerful energies on the body to protect a child from potential threats. The daily chanting of the mantra Improves your chances of having a child significantly & also prevents miscarriage during pregnancy. In order to achieve best result, the whole family should worship Bal Gopal also known as laddu Gopal.

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Meaning & Benefits of Bija (Beej) Mantra

Bija Mantra are primal sound that connect us to the cosmic energy. Hence chanting Bija Mantra connect vibrational energy of our body & the universe. Bija mantra are single one syllable word that can create a great force of transformation that penetrates deep into the subconscious mind connecting to karmic sphere of the soul. There are three types of Bija Mantra: 1. Shakti Bija Mantra 2. Panchtatva Bija Mantra 3. Seven Chakras Bija Mantra

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Planets & its representations in Astrology

In astrology, the seven planets and two nodes—Rahu and Ketu—steer our life's path. Each represents unique traits: the Sun governs leadership, the Moon oversees emotions, Mars commands strength, Mercury manages communication, Jupiter signifies wisdom, Venus enhances relationships, Saturn teaches resilience, Rahu invokes adventure, and Ketu fosters spirituality. Their positions in astrological houses influence our fortunes, impacting everything from our inner psyche to societal roles, shaping personal growth and worldly interactions.

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