True North vs. Magnetic North: Mastering Vastu Alignments for Prosperity and Peace

In the practice of Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science of architecture and spatial energy, aligning spaces with True North is considered essential for harmonizing the environment with cosmic and terrestrial energies. However, the concepts of "True North" and "Magnetic North" often cause confusion. Let's delve into these terms and their relevance in Vastu, with a focus on practical calculations for precise alignment.

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Transform Your Doorway Into a Gateway of Blessings: A Vastu Shastra Adventure

Discover the Vastu secrets to enhance your home's energy! Our guide reveals how different door positions, according to Vastu Shastra, can influence wealth, health, and harmony in your life. Learn which entrance brings prosperity and which could lead to challenges, all to make your abode a sanctuary of positive vibes.

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Victorian Architecture: A Flourish of Styles

Victorian architecture encompasses a wide range of architectural revival styles that emerged during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) in Britain. It wasn't a single, unified style, but rather a reflection of the eclectic tastes and technological advancements of the era.

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Discover Your Hidden Personality Traits Through These Fascinating Optical Illusions

Ever wondered what your spontaneous reactions to visual puzzles say about you? Dive into the world of optical illusions where each image can reveal fascinating aspects of your personality. Remember: Be honest with yourself. Whatever you see in first few secods, you need to record it. Imp Note: If you are viewing this on mobile, then please rotate the mobile to landscape mode to see full image properly.

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Planets & its representations in Astrology

In astrology, the seven planets and two nodes—Rahu and Ketu—steer our life's path. Each represents unique traits: the Sun governs leadership, the Moon oversees emotions, Mars commands strength, Mercury manages communication, Jupiter signifies wisdom, Venus enhances relationships, Saturn teaches resilience, Rahu invokes adventure, and Ketu fosters spirituality. Their positions in astrological houses influence our fortunes, impacting everything from our inner psyche to societal roles, shaping personal growth and worldly interactions.

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Basement & Vaastu

Basements can be designed for House which is on Mountain slope. For other cases according to Vaastu, Basement below the house should be avoided. However, in case due to scarcity of space where there is no option left & basement needs to be designed then it should be done as last resort following certain rules. Below are some of Do's & Don't rules for Basement as per Vaastu.

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Colors and Vaastu

We humans are very Powerful and ansh of that Superpower. So we all possess the super powers, but it is hidden deep inside us. Colors play very imp role to give different signals to our subconscious mind. Below is little big text to read but it will help to increase the direction of our thinking.

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Correct Vastu Energy Zone Gridding Methodology

Today 95% of the Vastu Practitioner uses wrong Gridding tool called Shakti Chakra. Unfortunately, The zone degrees there are not correct. This Paper aims to bring the authentic gridding methodology based on our ancient Vedas. We will use the correct approach of 81 padvinyaas to divide the house in different zones.

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Vibrational frequencies in Humans

Every human lives in his own energy field. Based on his current Vibrational frequency which person emits to universe, he in turns receives similar matching frequency from universe.

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The Power of Subconscious Mind

Sharing some of the Key Takeaway from the Book “Power of Subconscious mind” by Dr. JOSEPH MURPHY

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